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VARTA Promotive EFB For Heavy Commercial Vehicles

The new role of battery

The role of battery has changed in recent years from managing simple loads to becoming a high-performance part that is a key component of vehicles. Particularly, requirements on batteries for heavy commercial vehicles are continually growing. “On the one hand, we are facing increasingly environmental and safety regulations for trucks,” Thorsten Werle, design engineer at Johnson Controls explained. “On the other hand, we have to deal with more and more load and auxiliary demands in today’s trucks. The performance of batteries is crucial to meet all these requirements and – at the same time – to avoid downtimes.”


The current trend toward end of frame installation makes great demands on batteries, and only the most vibration-resistant batteries can withstand the shocks. Tests show that five out of six selected batteries are not sufficiently vibration-resistant.


Performance demands have greatly increased, so much so that conventional batteries are no longer adequate. This results in a higher rate of failures ranging from failures of individual functions to downtimes that reduce the efficiency of a fleet. These days every fifth truck needs an especially powerful battery. This is already 20 percent of the market. The market continues to grow, and with it, the need for high vibration resistance, charging capability, and capacity.


VARTA Promotive EFB proves technological advantage

To meet all these requirements Johnson Controls has developed the unique VARTA Promotive EFB: a specifically designed battery for high- performance commercial vehicles with heavy cycling use. “The Promotive EFB is one step ahead because of its unique technology,” Werle said. “It is designed for the highest vibration requirements and because of the VARTA proprietary design, including Mixing Element, it keeps charge acceptance at the highest level. Furthermore, this exclusive technology ensures reliable power for all electrical equipment onboard even during rests, which has become essential over the past decade.” Ten years ago truck drivers stayed two nights per week in their trucks on a trip on average compared to five nights and an increase number of devices has increased significantly. “Today, an overnight stay requires approximately 50 percent of the battery’s capacity,” Werle explained. “We developed VARTA Promotive EFB especially for these modern requirements. Compared to a conventional battery the VARTA Promotive EFB has 40 percent more lifetime. This reduces the risk of downtimes substantially and thereby the service costs of the truck,” Werle said.


Better batteries – more service

These enhanced batteries require expert knowledge when they are serviced. “Therefore, we have introduced products and services to workshops that help to reduce downtimes. We support our partners to further develop into trusted battery experts because eventually, we all want to get the best out of VARTA batteries,” Werle said.




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