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Valeo - SWF, The German Wiper Specialist For Commercial Vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel; therefore quality windscreen wiping is crucial for their well-being, comfort and working conditions. Fleet managers focus on wiper quality and compliance with vehicle specifications to maximize maintenance intervals.

SWF, the German wipers specialist with more than 90 years of experience is the leading supplier of original equipment for commercial vehicles in Europe. SWF is No 1 in OE with more than 100 million wipers manufactured and sold internationally every year.


Founded in 1922, SWF (Spezial Werkzeugfabrik Feuerbach) designs and manufactures quality wiper blades, wiper motors and other wiping components for passenger cars, heavy duty vehicles and buses. Based in Germany, SWF constantly innovates to improve driver's visibility and safety.

In 1998, SWF joined the Valeo Group and in 2000, SWF launched its first Flat Blade on O.E. applications. SWF is always working on future solutions for driver's visibility.


Commercial Vehicle range overview

The range of conventional wipers consists of 19 references - 16 blades and 3 adapter kits and covers all vehicle classes on the European Commercial Vehicles market (trucks, buses and vans). The 100% metal structure in conjunction with high-quality connection joints allows for a long service life in all weather conditions.

SWF commercial vehicle wiper blades are built with a 100% metal structure and high quality pin assembly, which enables excellent long lasting performance. Rubber blades ensure an optimal, efficient and long-lasting wipe whatever the weather conditions. SWF gives a guarantee of durability, silent wiping and smooth glide, with Duotec + a specific combination of natural and synthetic rubbers with exclusive coating on the lip. The specific rubber profile designed for commercial vehicles allows up to 1 million cycles. All SWF Commercial Vehicle references are fitted with O.E. adaptors to ensure easy and quick installation.

Know-how and leading position in the original equipment market, makes “Das Original” Commercial Vehicle wipers range 100% compliant with the O.E. specifications (including washer nozzles and adapters). SWF wipers are produced in O.E. plants in Germany, France and Poland. The historic production plant is located in Bietigheim and is today the only O.E. wiper blade production plant in Germany.

Quality control

100% of SWF blades are tested and approved by experts in various laboratory and on-track tests. The blades undergo the following testing procedures: cold tearing test, pressure distribution management, measurement of the blade profile, dry mud test, snow wiping test, endurance tests, laboratory tests and track tests for aerodynamic performance.

As a leader in wiping systems for Commercial Vehicles, SWF engineers study all weather conditions faced by professionals on the road, and develops equipments and systems allowing them to face all climatic circumstances with maximum visibility – which is key for safety.


Communication and support

Valeo Service distributes SWF and provides you with innovative services to animate your sales (displays, videos, fitting instructions and technical services). To see installation instructions, video tips and more, visit the SWF YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/swfperformance

Aquablade® technology

Being at the edge of wiping technology development, Valeo introduced the AquaBlade® solution for the first time in O.E. in 2012

AquaBlade® is a flat wiper blade that, in contrast to conventional wiper systems, incorporates an integrated cleaning function along the entire length of the wiper blade. Following the successful introduction of the technology in passenger cars, the system is now also in use in several buses. AquaBlade® was designed specifically for the improvement of driving safety and is especially suited to the high demands set by road professionals – e.g. under extreme driving conditions.

 The integrated nozzles of the AquaBlade® wiper system distribute the cleaning fluid evenly along the entire length of the wiper blade and in time with the wiper arm. Regardless of vehicle speed and the angle of the windshield, the fluid is wiped away directly after being deposited onto the windshield. The driver therefore has only minimal restrictions to visibility, meaning that AquaBlade® can make a major contribution to driver safety and ease eye strain, particularly during nighttime driving and in strong sunlight.

 As the cleaning fluid is deposited in precisely the required amounts onto the desired area of the windshield, its consumption can be reduced by 30%. This means that the tank can be smaller and up to four kilograms of weight can be saved per vehicle. Furthermore, AquaBlade® can also reduce the development time for new vehicle models, because it is no longer necessary to define a dedicated nozzle orientation for each individual model.

 Valeo can provide AquaBlades® and FlatBlades from 35cm to 1 meter. These technologies are currently available only through OE channel.

Heated Aquablade® innovative technology enables distribution of hot washer fluid across windshield (PACE Award 2012)



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