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The Ultimate Track Bulbs From OSRAM

The TRUCKSTAR PRO range of 24V Long Life Heavy Duty bulbs from OSRAM are the ultimate bulbs for professional fleet managers and truck drivers.


Combining the benefits of up to 100% more light* on the road ahead and extra long life vibration resistance makes TRUCKSTAR PRO the obvious choice. As the leading Original Equipment supplier of automotive bulbs, OSRAM work closely with all vehicle manufacturers and major fleets. Fleet Managers understand the importance of choosing products that are reliable, cost effective and that keep their vehicles on the road.


Truck drivers also appreciate the benefits of headlamp bulbs that offer up to 100% more light on the road, making driving safer and more comfortable in the knowledge that TRUCKSTAR PRO bulbs will also last the distance.


How is it possible to achieve both a longer lasting bulb that also gives up to 100% more light on the road?


Developments made with the OSRAM computer controlled coiling machines, have made it possible to produce bulb filaments with a single coil instead of the traditional double coil design. These are not only more robust but also give a brighter more even beam pattern.


OSRAM has carried out extensive trials, measuring the vibration and mechanical shock levels that bulbs experience in actual use driving over a wide range of road surfaces including cobbles, pot-holes and speed bumps.  These trials proved that the OSRAM TRUCKSTAR PRO headlight bulbs can withstand the worst punishment that driving on British roads can throw at them.


The TRUCKSTAR® PRO range not only provides a solution to the forward lighting of commercial vehicles but also for auxiliary lighting too. The TRUCKSTAR® PRO range includes the most popular and regularly used auxiliary types too.  There really are many benefits to fitting OE quality and with OSRAM TRUCKSTAR® PRO you get OE quality as standard plus performance.




For 12v van fleets and agricultural vehicles OSRAM can offer the ULTRA LIFE range which offers a 4 year guarantee on the halogen types in the range*. As with TRUCKSTAR PRO, ULTRA LIFE bulbs are designed to give extra service life and cope with the most serious of applications. Delivery fleets, emergency service fleets, Taxi fleets and agricultural vehicles need to keep working around the clock. OSRAM ULTRA LIFE is the perfect choice where down time just isn’t an option.


Both these ranges and the Original Equipment OSRAM range are available from CV-Logix. OSRAM is the choice of the professional fleet user.


For more details on the range please email: automotive@osram.co.uk


All parts can be purchased at competitive rates from your local CV Distributor, click here to find your local part distributor.