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Sykes-Pickavant Launch New External Thread Reform Tool

The new 0156R110 External Thread Reform Tool from Sykes-Pickavant is an innovative solution for reforming external threads without cutting. For people working with mechanical components, a damaged thread can often result in the whole component requiring replacement; our solution allows original parts to be reused rather than replaced.

The 0156R110 works on all types of thread including metric, fine and imperial from 50 – 110mm. The tool is particularly good for working on truck axles due to the large thread diameter which it can accommodate. The process is completed by hand meaning that no external energy source is required. We recommend that the work piece is to be greased to reduce friction and increase ease of use.

Our product uses the first non-cutting external thread reform technology in the world and repairs the thread by forming it back to its original shape. Preserving the original form of the thread is crucial for the safety of the mechanical components as removing material can prove dangerous and weaken the thread.

The tool works without the removal of material which ensures that the threads aren’t weakened during the reforming process; this leaves the thread 39% harder than those which have been cut. Material Testing Institute (MPA) Hanover has proven that a thread reformed with the 0156R110 withstands the same static and dynamic loads as a new undamaged thread, they even showed higher fatigue endurance limit.

To determine the strength of a thread reformed with our tool, a bending test simulation was carried out; the demonstration piece with cut thread withstood 38,360 revolutions before breaking but our 0156R110 trumped this with 72,340 revolutions. During the reforming process the surface of the thread is hardened by cold hardening which also contributes towards the final thread strength.

The surface of the thread after reforming is far smoother than that of a cut thread which dramatically reduces the chance of corrosion, improving the lifespan of the component immensely and saving the operator both time and money.

Check out the 0156R110 in our upcoming promotional catalogue which is due for release 1st May. The digital version will be available to download at http://www.sykes-pickavant.com/downloads/latest-promotional-brochure.




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