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Put More Light In Those Hard To See Areas With The OSRAM LEDambient Interior Strip Kit

Anyone who spends a long time on the road transporting small or heavy loads needs good visibility inside their vehicle. With the LEDambient Interior Strip Kit from OSRAM the inside of any cab or loading area can be illuminated with powerful and durable white light. With 90 LEDs on each 1.5 metre strip they provide bright white light with a colour temperature of up to 4,500K (Kelvin). The LEDambient interior strips are self-adhesive, can be shortened and are easy to install. Perfect for van fleets, delivery trucks and service vehicles.


During all seasons of the year it’s not just the exterior lights on a vehicle that are important, the lighting inside is now also playing a greater role. The LEDambient Interior Strip Kit from OSRAM is an ideal addition for interior applications, even for older vehicles. The 1.5 metre long flexible LED strips produce a modern bright white light. Fitting this kit means there is no longer a need to search in the dark for packages in the back of a van or put up with dismal lighting in the loading area. The high light output of the kit provides perfect visibility.


Customized vehicle interior lighting with flexible LED strips

The great thing about this kit is that the strips can be shortened after every third LED to fit the available space. They provide modern, and at the same time, practical accents for any vehicle interior. Being self-adhesive means there is no need for fiddly screws or soldering. The LEDambient Interior Strip Kit contains two 1.5 metre long LED strips each with 90 LEDs and is available now. The high brightness of the LEDambient Interior Strip Kit simply improves visibility in vehicle interiors. Vans, Trucks and Service vehicles can be easily illuminated with the long and flexible LED strips. It comes with a two-year OSRAM guarantee – providing added peace of mind. For more information on this new product and other exciting LED accessories from OSRAM visit: www.nightbreakerunlimited.co.uk/led-interior-strip




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