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New Sykes-Pickavant Puller, Separator & Torque Catalogue

And September-December Promotional Brochure Release


Sykes-Pickavant are excited to report that the recent Puller, Separator & Torque Catalogue release has gone down a storm with both distributors and end users alike. Introducing updates to these featured ranges, we have been inundated with requests for catalogue copies and views of the online version, generating interest and trade around both new and revised products. The catalogue contains products from the 1400 Series as well as Mechanical and Hydraulic Pullers, Thin Jaw, Loadstar and Torque.


Updates to the catalogue include;

  • 1400 Series; a new range of mechanical puller kits that provide up to 6 tonnes of force without a hydraulic ram but can be updated at a later date if required
  • The new ‘Hex-Head’ feature added to the 1500 Hydraulic Ram which provides up to 4 tonnes of pre-loadable force
  • Thin jaw puller kits have been given leg extensions to increase the puller’s reach without the need for extra legs which are also available to purchase individually to provide almost infinite extending capabilities
  • A new ‘3-hole position’ system added to separators to provide the user with more solutions to locate the separator in difficult access situations
  • Our new ‘Motorq Professional’ range of torque wrenches which feature a professional scale, ‘push-thru’ head and new Timestrip® component which


The catalogue can be viewed online at https://issuu.com/sykes-pickavant/docs/issuu or requested as a print copy from our Customer Service team on 01543 679900.


As well as this exciting release, we are preparing to launch the new promotional brochure which goes live on September 1st and runs until the end of December. With brand new products as well as exclusive offers on our existing range, there will definitely be something for everyone in the new publication.


Amongst a selection of bestsellers from the staple Sykes-Pickavant range we will be showcasing our latest products and offers.


Products debuting in this season’s brochure include;

  • A brand new range of Heavy Duty Workshop presses, providing the user with 60 – 100 tonnes of force, following on from the popularity of our ‘Silver-Series’ range
  • New Press Ring to be used with our existing Press Block (08770000) to assist with holding hubs and pressing out wheel bearings
  • Standard and Premium ATF Machines designed to change automatic transmission oil whilst cleaning the related circuit and ensuring zero cross contamination between oil types, all automatically
  • New Diesel and Petrol Gas Analyser which has proven to be the only affordable and effective way to check for NOx on the market, also analysing Hydrocarbons ‘HC’, O2, CO & CO2
  • Extended range of interchangeable hammer bits for the Heavy-Duty Vibro Impact Air Hammer including Pin, Tie-Rod, Concave and Hammer ends available to purchase separately or as a 4 piece set
  • Practical additions to the Workshop Tool Range including the new Brake Pipe Coating Removal Tool and Coated Brake Pipe Die Set which can be used together to produce good brake pipe flares
  • The new Universal Carbide Scraper Kit to remove unwanted build up on a variety of applications
  • Full range of Wheel Hub Grinders, Stud Grinders and Inner Rim Cleaner to remove stubborn corrosion residue quickly and easily on wheels of various sizes


The print version of the brochure will be available on request from our customer services team who can be contacted on 01543 679900 or to view online at http://www.sykes-pickavant.com/downloads/latest-promotional-brochure from September 1st.


All parts can be purchased at competitive rates from your local CV Distributor, click here to find your local part distributor.