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New Haldex Filter Cartridge Added To CV LOGIX Stock Profile

Over 30 items have been added to the CV Logix stock profile of Haldex products in recent weeks, to further support the member network and ensure that an extensive range of Haldex product is readily available when it’s required.


Among the many items added is the Haldex filter cartridge (HFC), part number 031005509.




Haldex has combined the properties of an annular prefilter, a powerful coalescing filter and high-performance desiccant to create the best possible performance. During normal use, the HFC prevents moisture and oil contaminants from entering the compressed air system. This reduces air system component wear and increases the reliability and availability of the vehicle.


Where Used

› Heavy-, Medium- and Light-

Duty Commercial Vehicles

› Buses

› Agricultural Tractors


Technical specs


cartridge HFC


air drier

Attr. A


Attr. B

max pressure (bar): 13

Attr. C

40°C - +80°C

Attr. D

tightening torque: 15+5Nm


The above HFC is part of our Air Treatment range of products.


Assured Air Quality

Haldex Air Treatment Products offer optimized air treatment for compressed air systems in heavy vehicles. The range provides the best available solutions to ensure compressed air quality and prevent liquid-related system problems.

The efficiency of a compressed air system depends on compressed air quality. Inadequate air treatment results in a build-up of liquids – water, oil and other contaminants. Vapour and dampness impair operation and lead to corrosion and freezing – problems which push up maintenance costs and cause breakdowns. Whatever your needs – components for commercial vehicle production or replacement parts – products in the Haldex Air Treatment range assure a smooth running compressed air system and minimal maintenance costs. All Haldex Air Treatment Products are designed for easy installation, operational reliability, a long service life and compatibility to replace existing air treatment products.

The Air Treatment range consists of three proven products – the Single Air Drier, Consep and Automatic Drain Valve. Individually or in combination, these products provide the right standard of air treatment and protection for any compressed air system by offering an efficient and

suitable method of separating and removing liquids.

The Haldex Single Air Drier (SD) is the most effective air-drying solution for high capacity compressed air systems. A unique, patented cartridge, containing up to twice as much desiccant as other driers, enables large volumes of air to be dried and filtered more efficiently than ever before – enough to maintain a totally dry system.

The expected cartridge life is approximately two years. This far exceeds the life expectancy of many other cartridges. And, when the cartridge needs replacing, only the cartridge is changed. For safety reasons, the rigid steel cover is reused.

A good value alternative for separating and removing liquids in lower volume systems is the Haldex Consep.

Fitting the Consep before any air drier is a highly effective combination when there are heavy demands for water and oil removal. When used with the SD, an important benefit is that the Consep removes most oil before it reaches the drier – this considerably extends the drier´s service life and cuts maintenance costs.

The Haldex Automatic Drain Valve (ADV) is an effective remover of liquids from the system, especially for trailers.


Cartridge Boosts Efficiency

The Haldex Single Air Drier has a unique cartridge design which enables higher capacity, greater efficiency and a longer service life than rival air-drying units.

Unquestionably, the Single Air Drier ranks as the most efficient product for separating liquids from a compressed air system. About 99% of oil and water is removed from compressed air passing through the unit, providing maximum protection against costly maintenance-inducing problems such as corrosion and freezing.


Haldex Patented

The patented cartridge enables a larger volume of desiccant to be used in the unit, up to twice as much as other products on the market. Internal cartridge design promotes better circulation and a larger surface area for liquid separation. High capacity coupled with maximum efficiency makes the Single Air Drier particularly suitable for systems with high compressed air consumption – it can treat as much as 800 litres of free air per minute. The Haldex Single Air Drier has sufficient capacity to replace a Twin Drier without loss of efficiency and fits any air system available for trucks and buses. Long-life Design In time, oil residues will shorten the effective life of the desiccant bed. The

Haldex Single Air Drier features an efficient separator which minimises the amount of oil absorbed by the desiccant. As a result, the desiccant is able to perform at maximum effect for a comparatively long time. Quick-change Cartridge Service intervals are longer with the Haldex cartridge system and there are benefits when replacement is due. All you have to do is change the cartridge. With other air driers, the entire unit, including the pressure vessel, has to be removed, disposed of and replaced by another unit. Adaptable to Your Needs, the Single Air Drier is easy and quick to install and can be adapted for all vehicles with a compressed air system. Options are available to match your exact needs. It can be supplied as a heated unit, an important option for cold climates. Where noise control is a priority, the unit can be supplied with a silencer. The Single Air Drier is also available with different connections and threads, various regenerative alternatives and with or without a governor valves. Advanced regeneration is possible with the integrated solenoid valves connected to the vehicle´s electronic management system.


For more information about the range of products available visit www.haldex.com



All parts can be purchased at competitive rates from your local CV Distributor, click here to find your local part distributor.