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Haldex EB+ Gen1 to Gen3 Conversion Kits Now Available

Haldex EB+ Gen1 ECU, part numbers 950800201 and 950800204, are no longer available and must now be replaced by an EB+Gen3 system.


To assist with this conversion, Haldex have created a step-by-step guide and technical service bulletin 004M which can be found online at https://www.haldex.com/en/Europe/services-and-support/literaturedocuments/


Converting to a Haldex EB+ Gen3 system can provide the following benefits;



Increased functionality

Extensive software and hardware development: the third generation of Haldex Electronic Braking Systems for trailers comes with greater than ever capacity.

Key benefits:

  • Easy, logical vehicle installation
  • Multi-voltage operation
  • Integrated stability control
  • Multiple auxiliary connections allow several devices to be fitted
  • Functions and capabilities are upgradeable by software for longer operational life
  • Connect multiple CAN devices, e.g. TPMS, Info Centre or telematics.

Improvements compared with previous version:

  • The third generation of EB+ comes with greater than ever capacity
  • Load transfer function possible
  • Operational range of 8 to 32 volts
  • Super Aux standard on 2M and 3M
  • Accommodates multiple auxiliary CAN devices
  • Faster response time on long control lines.


  • Standard
    • 2S or 4S / 2M with Super AUX
  • Premium
    • 2S or 4S / 2M or 3M with Super AUX and additional auxiliary input / output capability

Increased versatility

An extended operating range makes EB+ Gen3 more universal than ever. The previous 24 V system now ranges from 8 to 32 V and thereby offers a 12 V system for special applications. The ECU is encased in a revised housing with additional connections. Two of the five AUX electrical connections now have twin outputs. There are also two CAN bus-based diagnostic ports instead of one. This means two CAN bus systems can be connected without complex external cabling.

The number of EBS controlled trailer systems is increasing

From trailer lift axles, brake wear sensors, Reset-to-Ride function and Soft Docking to Fleet+, tire pressure monitoring and Info Point, the third generation EB+ is able to integrate considerably more systems than before. In this way, EB+ Gen3 takes into account the rapidly growing number of wide-ranging systems that communicate with EBS.


All parts can be purchased at competitive rates from your local CV Distributor, click here to find your local part distributor.