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Installing the right battery is key to minimise costly down time for fleets large and small


Throughout Europe, battery failure remains one of the primary causes for vehicle breakdown, whether for passenger cars or commercial vehicles (CV). However, where passenger car breakdown is sometimes stressful and undoubtedly inconvenient, the implications for businesses of a CV breakdown are also exceedingly costly.


For more than 30 years, ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT) – formerly Manbat – the UK’s largest automotive and CV battery distributor, has had a long and successful distribution relationship with premium brand, VARTA®. With a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise behind the brand, VARTA batteries provide the ideal solution for every conceivable battery need and, when it comes to high demand applications, the top of the range VARTA Promotive EFB provides the answer.


This battery is specifically designed for high performance CV applications because its construction overcomes a common problem associated with ‘deep cycle’ – from fully charged to almost completely discharged – demands, as it includes an acid circulator that counteracts acid stratification and keeps the acid density consistent, which enhances charge acceptance and ultimately, increases the longevity of the battery. The battery also possesses a high cyclic capacity, as during its lifetime, it can endure a large number of charge/discharge/charge ‘cycles’.


For the fleet operator, one of the primary benefits of this technology is a significant reduction in the potential down time of their vehicles, because as indicated, the VARTA Promotive EFB will reliably power the vehicle, even under the most arduous conditions, so they will not encounter battery problems when in service. In addition, its construction will ensure a longer service life when compared to a conventional battery, which again reduces costs over the long term.


The design also includes vibration resistant properties, which means that its performance remains unaffected, even when on uneven road surfaces and contains additional connector fixtures that hold the plates securely in place.  This reduces the likelihood of the connectors breaking and as a result, the battery can be used in the toughest of environments.


Finally, the Promotive EFB includes an additional polyester element between the plate and separator called a scrim, which holds the active material in place and avoids erosion of the plate and provides a greater resistance to deep discharge and superior charge acceptance.


All parts can be purchased at competitive rates from your local CV Distributor, click here to find your local part distributor.