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Ceramex Urges Operators Not To Ignore Diesel Particulate Filters Where Fuel Economy Is Concerned

Ceramex urges vehicle owners not to ignore Diesel Particulate Filters fitted to their vehicles, especially when looking to reduce fuel costs. The DPF plays a huge part in the long term fuel economy of any new diesel vehicle. Regular maintenance of the DPF like any other engine part is vital. The build-up of soot and ash naturally increases the backpressure, this will gradually increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption by as much as 7%. Choosing the right DPF cleaning service is paramount in maintaining fuel economy, catalytic efficiency and assuring that no detrimental damage has occurred to the precious metal coating on the filter. Euro 6 filters should be cleaned professionally either by the manufacturer or by an OEM approved service provider like Ceramex. 

Marcus Beament, Head of Sales at Ceramex says ‘the DPF is one of the most expensive service items on the vehicle and it is critical that cleaning and inspection are performed to the highest professional standards. Over time cheap alternative cleaning methods can often lead to costly replacements, vehicle downtime and increased fuel consumption’. 

Ceramex is a British company and supply DPF refurbishing services to some of the world’s largest vehicle and equipment manufacturers, with service centres in Europe, North America and Japan.  The company also cleans filters for heavy duty, LCV and passengers cars.  Ceramex will be exhibiting at the CV Show, Automechanika and Euro Bus Expo at the NEC in 2018.


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