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Bosch CV products now available from CV Logix

The bigger the engine, the greater the power but, when it comes to commercial vehicles, reliability is key. Every minute that a truck is off the road, and in need of repair, costs the operator money and as a result, high quality work drives customer loyalty. Fit and forget products are highly favoured thanks to the reliability of the replacement, providing the peace of mind to get a vehicle back on the road.


Replacement parts need to be engineered to withstand everything from sub-zero conditions to high temperature environments. Despite the tough conditions these vehicles face, their components and parts must remain reliable, which is why so many choose Bosch products.


The products available from CV Logix include: rotating electrics, diesel injectors and pumps, sensors, comfort electrics, wiper blades, and steering systems components.


Although operators will want to minimise the time the vehicle is off the road, investing in routine maintenance can ultimately keep the vehicle on the road for longer. Checking for damage caused by winter weather – moisture, frost and salt – and refilling fluids, checking wiper blades, lighting and tires, can reduce the risk of breakdown by keeping the vehicle in top condition. When a more substantial part needs replacing, Bosch provides technologically superior and highly engineered solutions.


Bosch’s CV starters and alternators combine the company’s engineering knowhow with the flexibility to offer workshops the right solution for any repair. Like all Bosch starters, the new CV range ensures reliable starting in all weather conditions – a must for CV operations. With a high output of up to 10kW at 24V DC, and reliable performance down to -20°C, Bosch starters are used in diesel engines in displacements of up to 30 litres. Using high-quality components such as durable carbon brushes or conical contacts, these starters feature a very long service life, often exceeding 500,000 miles, thanks in part to the smooth, two-stage engagement of flywheel and starter opinion.


Sensors are indispensable for engine management, and Bosch provides a range of sensors to control and manage key functions. In 2016, Bosch celebrated forty years of Lambda sensors, and this crucial sensor has been popular for over four decades due to its reliability and availability for most vehicle types. Unbeatable thanks to its long service life and optimum engine compatibility, a properly functioning lambda is critical for optimal fuel consumption and low pollutant emissions, ultimately saving the driver money and protecting the environment.


Steering systems are another example of safety-relevant components that need to be replaced by genuine parts. Independent truck workshops or fleet operators’ workshops can offer maintenance and replacement of Bosch steering systems for all main commercial vehicles. Including both complete steering systems and components, Bosch also provides the replacement of these systems on older vehicles, using series-remanufactured replacements from Bosch exchange.


With a significant number of diesel vehicles on the road, it is important that these vehicles can be expertly serviced. Bosch offers just the right products and spare parts to enable a rapid, expert and economical servicing. Bosch exchange provides factory remanufactured products to the latest original equipment specifications, and only original equipment is used in the remanufacturing process, with a 100% change of all wearing components. Bosch diesel pumps and injectors offer over 800 part numbers covering 95% of Bosch common rail systems, allowing the vast majority of vehicles to benefit from the longer service life provided by Bosch exchange parts.


Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology and services to a wide variety of industries, including the automotive OEM market. The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division provides the aftermarket and workshop concepts worldwide with a complete range of diagnostic and repair equipment and a wide range of replacement parts– from new and exchange parts to its accredited repair solutions – for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


More information can be found under: www.boschautoparts.co.uk and then by clicking through to Products, Specials, Commercial Vehicles


All parts can be purchased at competitive rates from your local CV Distributor, click here to find your local part distributor.